This is a grassroots movement, and as such there are many individuals and businesses involved and offering their time, treasure and talent to help their fellow New Jerseyans.

Special thanks to Dave Portnoy and Barstool Sports

Giving credit where credit is due, NJ4NJ would like to thank Dave Portnoy for the idea of directly helping small businesses during the COVID19 pandemic. You have shown the country the meaning of caring about your fellow citizens in a time of need, and we are very upfront and honest that the path we are undertaking through NJ4NJ is only possible because of your ideas, kindness, courage and determination. So we salute you, “El Presidente”. Thank you for showing us the art of the possible with the ongoing success of the Barstool Fund, and we sincerely hope that when this crisis is over, you are strongly considered for the Presidential Medal of Freedom, because we think you’ve earned it. Again, thank you Dave for the ideas….