NJ4NJ Funds it’s Third Business

Pictured above is Mandi Zucker, President of Inner Harbor, with NJ4NJ’s Vinnie Brunetti.
NJ4NJ is pleased to announce its latest business funding for Inner Harbor, an organization in Westfield, NJ that provides much needed grief counseling and support for kids and young adults in the state of NJ. Mandi Zucker is the Founder and President of Inner Harbor.  With over 20 years in the field of death, dying and bereavement, she is committed to making sure that students go to college prepared to deal with the grief that comes with all kinds of losses, from moving away from home to previous deaths and the grief that evolves from losses experienced in college. Ms. Zucker is an experienced presenter, trainer and grief support group facilitator.
NJ4NJ felt very strongly that as we collectively emerge from COVID19-related shutdowns, school closures and other life disruptions, we should be mindful of the mental support that will be required for our younger generation, who may have longer lasting psychological trauma and other potential hidden effects resulting from the pandemic. As we work together to recover from the tragic effects of the last 18 months, NJ4NJ will count on services such as Inner Harbor to provide the necessary tools to support the continued growth and development of our NJ youth.

NJ4NJ Funds Another Small NJ Business

NJ4NJ funds second business Echelon Studios. Such a wonderful story for a family run business who faced numerous challenges, but are making it all work. Hard work, dedication and putting their own money into their business.

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